SLS Specialty Debuts Latest Intimacy Accessories, Bath Sets From Kheper Games

HOUSTON—SLS Specialty has released the latest intimacy-building games and accessories from adult retail mainstay Kheper Games. These new couples games, bath bombs, and interactive waterproof accessories for fun in the tub are in stock and ready for shipment starting Sept. 3.

SLS Specialty has released four new board games from Kheper Games:

• Rose Petal Seductions offers couples new ways to surprise, seduce and satisfy each other with romantic results, complete with a trail of rose petals to lead the way.

• Ladies Night is a fun way to learn about your friends with four categories of intimate and interesting questions, including “What is my favorite vice?” and “Which of my old boyfriends would I most like to hear from?”

• A Year of Creative Games for Lovers is a compilation set of 52 different creative games that let lovers embark on a new adventure every weekend for an entire year. Games include We’ve Never, Sex Dice and Creative Kisses.

• Love or Lust lets lovers learn each other’s likes, loves and lusts in a fast-paced game of sex trivia and foreplay. Each card lets players share intimate fantasies or unique love-making ideas to turn into reality.

For extra sexy time in the tub, SLS Specialty has in stock Sexplosion Bath Bombs, three citrus and three sensual bath bombs that dissolve in water to reveal a set of sexually suggestive waterproof cards. Three new Bath Sets also are available for order, giving couples the tools to turn the bath into the ultimate love lair. Each set includes a packet of bath salts that will last for up to five uses and five romantic suggestion cards with sexy, fun ideas for making bath time extra sexy.

Sensuality includes 5 ounces of Honeysuckle bath salts and five waterproof activity cards. Passion includes 5 ounces of Strawberry bath salts and five waterproof activity cards. Foreplay includes 5 ounces of Vanilla-Lavender bath salts and five waterproof foreplay activity cards.

These affordable and fun bedroom and bath accessories are the perfect add-on sale to any sex toy or product purchase for couples of all sexual tastes—simply suggest some Kheper Games for a special night in or a weekend staycation.

Order your new Kheper Games today!. Call (866) 379-2699 or email [email protected].