SLS Specialty Debuts G-Vibe Noir Limited Edition

HOUSTON—SLS Specialty is pre-booking for the G-Vibe Noir Limited Edition, an innovative vibrator featuring three full-powered motors and a completely waterproof design. Its unique V-shaped end features two separate motors with a third at its base to create one of the most powerful and sophisticated stimulators on the market.

“The team has beautifully updated the original G-Vibe’s unique design with this limited edition that offers new features, a stylish new look, and triple the power for users who truly love a strong sex toy,” SLS Specialty CEO Shane Nelson said. “The G-Vibe Noir Limited Edition has been one of the most anticipated product releases in the industry and we are honored to have been one of the first distributors to bring it to adult retailers nationwide.”

The G-Vibe Noir Limited Edition features innovative updates from the original with a sleek black silicone finish with 100-percent more power and a seamless casing that lets users enjoy it fully submerged. It’s ergonomic engineering molds to the internal shape of the female body and provides simultaneous G-spot and “A-spot” stimulation for a pleasant full feeling without stretching the vaginal opening.

Each G-Vibe Noir also features the added luxury of matching black packaging and a sexy boudoir postcard designed by renowned erotic artist Elena Mirosedina.

The G-Vibe Noir vibrates with six modes at multiple intensities, from a light tremor to intense vibration, and is made of premium grade hypoallergenic medical silicone. The G-Vibe Noir buzzes for 4 hours on a single battery charge and is backed by an exceptional 1-year warranty.

Pre-book your G-Vibe Noir Limited Edition today. Call (866) 379-2699 or email [email protected].