Retailers Reporting Maia Toys Are A Hit

LOS ANGELES—Maia Toys continues to impress consumers and retailers alike, with retailers singing its praises for everything from presentation to pricing.

“Maia Toys were an instant hit at Hustler Stores nationwide,” says David Ballow-Permuy, corporate buyer for Hustler Retail. “The bright packaging and reasonable prices seem to be grabbing everyone’s attention. And Mara is a joy to work with. 

Billed as “The Colors of Erotica,” Maia Toys’ collection of brightly colored silicone pleasure products appeal to adult consumers young and old. Inviting consumers to visualize intimacy, Maia Toys asks “What’s Your Color Today?” through a number of available marketing materials to display throughout a store. Maia Toys strengthens its message with pamphlets, posters and even branded floor mats for retailers.

Maia Toys also goes the extra mile to train retailers about its range of pleasure products. In April, Maia Director of Sales Mara Epstein traveled to Houston for the C.L. International All Store Training Event, and more recently she attended the International Lingerie Show in Las Vegas to support Maia Toys’ distributor Williams Trading Co. From within the company’s booth, Epstein provided product demos and served up valuable marketing and branding knowledge to curious buyers.

“Maia Toys prides itself on being approachable, fun and savvy,” Epstein said. “We know what customers want and we know what retailers need to get the message across. I thank all of our valued distributors and retailers for helping Maia Toys grow!”

SLS Specialty was among the first distributors to pick up the Maia Toys range. The company credits Maia Toys for establishing “a reputation for a sophisticated aesthetic by creating eight unique styles, each a modern version of a classic sex toy shape.” Earlier this year, SLS Specialty CEO Shane Nelson said, “We brought Maia Toys into our lineup after seeing the company’s commitment to providing modern styling and quality construction with a simplistic approach to sex toy design.”

With a foundation of four fundamental, playful colors—Marcia fuchsia, Porpora violet, Confetti yellow, and Astral blue—Maia Toys come packaged in sleek, high-end packaging that lend themselves to creating visually stunning, uniformed displays.

Maia Toys recently introduced 6 new toys that are now available for immediate shipping!

For more information about Maia, visit the company website at, contact a Maia Toys distributor, or email [email protected].