Planet Earth Seal Verspanken Exclusive

LONDON—Planet Earth has signed an exclusive deal which will see it become the official distributor of the Verspanken male masturbation system—a brand new customisable device offering a variety of textures to enjoy in one product thanks to its interchangeable inserts.

Created by Big Teaze Toys, inventors of I Rub My Duckie, Verspanken is a completely unique shape, moving away from the traditional male sleeve; it does not feature a realistic looking opening made to look like a mouth, vagina, or anus and instead opts for the position of being fun and functional and much like the I Rub My Duckie, at first glance no one will know the Verspanken is a sex toy.

Lightweight and easy to hold, Verspanken has been designed so it is simple to use in a variety of ways and can be enjoyed alone or be controlled by a lover. Thanks to its interchangeable inserts, for the first time users can vary the sensation of their masturbator without having to buy a completely new toy—increasing the longevity of the Verspanken as well as improving potential for repeat sales—which is a flaw of the traditional masturbation device.

Inserts can be acquired inexpensively and offer varying sensations thanks to a choice of smooth, bumpy or wavy textures and are either filled with water or foam for added sensation. In addition to their shape, each of the water inserts can be warmed or cooled, adding temperature play to the Verspanken’s extensive repertoire of USP’s.

Ideal for the age of austerity, Verspanken’s versatile design enables users to try a variety of techniques to vary sensation and can be used in a number of positions as indicated by the Verspanken viral video, which has already attracted more than 30,000 views on video sharing network YouTube.

Speaking about the Verspanken deal, Sam Godfrey, operations director at Planet Earth, said: “Male masturbator sleeves have been an undisputed success. Rather than jump into a saturated market, Verspanken offers a completely new product to men—but appeals to those who have tried one of the existing masturbators as well as men who haven’t yet tried a masturbator before.

“Verspanken is all about fun and having fun doesn’t mean to say you have to always worry who will find your favourite toy. This product is bright, colourful and as far away from a lifelike masturbator as it can be—but in terms of function and pleasure it ticks all the boxes consumers are looking for and more.”

For more information and to place your order for the Verspanken male masturbator, contact Planet Earth on +44 (0)1924 333 320 or email [email protected]. You can also connect with Planet Earth via Twitter @PlanetearthUK and Facebook

You can see the official Verspanken instructional video at the BigTeaseToys YouTube channel at