Pjur’s New Woman Nude Works Without Chemicals

WASSBILLIG, Luxembourg—This week, pjur is launching its next new lubricant: Woman Nude.

“Often, less is more,” said Alexander Giebel, founder and CEO of pjur group. “We have developed pjur Woman Nude especially for women who pursue a conscious lifestyle. Thanks to the neutral formulation, it is perfect for the soft and sensitive female skin.”

Pjur Women Nude deliberately omits certain ingredients in ist formulation to make it as natural as can be, making it another example of how pjur takes the wishes of the consumers to heart. Here, people who do not want artificial additives get a product that is pure, nude and still lives up to the pjur quality standards.

The neutral, water-based pjur Woman Nude is free of additives. It contains no preservatives, no glycerin, no parabens, and, like all pjur products, it is also free of perfumes, oils, and fats, odor and flavor.

pjur Woman Nude has long-lasting lubricating properties and provides thorough care for the soft, sensitive skin of the female body, leaving the user with a silky-smooth, pleasant feeling. The mucous membrane tolerance has been established in dermatological tests, so pjur Woman Nude is perfectly suitable for use on a daily basis. It is also compatible with latex condoms.

All of the new products and a diverse range of marketing materials are available at [email protected].

For more information, visit pjur.com.