Paradise Marketing CEO Dennis Paradise Inducted into AVN Hall of Fame

VISTA, Calif.—Paradise Marketing CEO Dennis Paradise was inducted into the AVN Hall of Fame–Pleasure Products Branch at the 30th annual AVN Awards. The industry leader was invited to the Las Vegas ceremony as part of a hand-selected group of trailblazers and innovators honored for their business excellence and accomplishments in the design, distribution and sale of pleasure products.

Paradise founded Paradise Marketing in 1978 as a specialty distributor of the biggest condom brands and after adding K-Y into its inventory, Paradise Marketing quickly became the adult industry’s go-to source for the most popular condom, lubricant and sexual wellness brands in the nation. Soon brand managers of Astroglide sought out Paradise Marketing for their adult retail distribution needs, establishing it as the official distribution channel of the world’s best-known and most trusted brands.

“My family has been in the condom business since 1943 and I founded Paradise Marketing in 1978 with a unique understanding of that industry that no one else had,” Paradise said. “The companies’ CEOs remembered me as a kid.”

Paradise Marketing launched with an inventory of the biggest condom brands, including Lifestyles, Trojan parent company Johnson & Johnson, and Durex, and soon brought on K-Y because lubricants were an essential, yet underserved, product category at the time. In 1996 Astroglide looked to Paradise to handle its sales and marketing and now with 35 years in business the distributor handles the most prominent condom, lubricant and sexual wellness brands in the world.

“I’ve built a business and career bringing adult brands into mainstream and mainstream brands into adult and the market cap of the companies I work with together reaches about $400 billion,” Paradise said. “I’m proud to have made the customers I work with more profitable and I’m happy as long as they are making money.”

Paradise Marketing’s brand lineup now includes Lifestyles, ONE, Sir Richards, Durex, Kimono, and Trojan brand condoms; Astroglide and K-Y lubricants; Fleet enemas; Summer’s Eve feminine hygiene products; and many more.

“When you are the best you can't let service fall, you can't let communication fall, and you can't just let prices rise,” Paradise told AVN. “I always figured that as long as my customers are making money, then I'll do just fine. When you get to the top, that's when you need to step on the accelerator.”

The 2013 AVN Awards took place Jan. 19 at The Joint at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas.

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Paradise Marketing is the preeminent leader in the marketing and distribution of condoms, lubricants and other health-related items in the United States. Founded in 1978, the company markets the industry’s best-known and most-trusted brands globally and is proud to work with such brands as Vivid Condoms™, Astroglide™, Fleet™ enemas, Summer’s Eve™, Trojan™, Lifestyles™, Durex™ and others. Paradise Marketing’s staff collectively holds a half-century of industry experience with unique insight into sales and marketing of health- and sex-related disposable products.