Nexus Returning To USA

LONDON—After more than two years away, quality adult pleasure product brand Nexus is back in the USA.

Nexus had a long and well documented patent issue back in 2011, which ended when an agreement was reached outside of court, prohibiting the brand from selling a portion of their range in the USA until 2016.

This gave the company time to concentrate their efforts on setting up a strong distribution network around the rest of the world and invest time and efforts in adding more products to the range.

“I feel now is the perfect time to re enter the U.S. market,” said Monique Carty, Nexus director.  “With added products including our first from Nexus Femme and with 2016 looming, there’s no better time to re introduce ourselves and remind America we are still here and going strong.  The response we [have received recently] showed us that we have not been forgotten and have in fact been missed by the market which has both inspired and motivated us.”

Nexus has set up a U.S. warehouse in California in order to service the continent more quickly and efficiently and is looking forward to working with customers new and old.

For more information on the Nexus range, visit or to speak to a sales representative you can email [email protected].