New at Eropartner Distribution: Doxy Wand Massager

NETHERLANDS—Eropartner Distribution is adding the Doxy Wand Massagers to its assortment. An alternative to other wand massagers, Doxy is available in four colors.

Made from aluminium, the weight and mechanism inside the Doxy's head allows it to roll and rumble, rather than buzz. Offering full vibrations that penetrate deep into the body, it's effective when used as a general body massager or for intimate intentions. The Doxy can reach up to 9,000 RPM, making it a great option for those who want to play hard and fast.

In addition, Doxy is the only wand massager with a controlled pulse setting that takes the rumbly vibrations from low to high and back again, at variable speed settings.

“These functionalities make the Doxy ideal for women and couples who are ready to explore different levels of arousal,” said Elcke Wieffering, head of purchasing at Eropartner Distribution. “The Doxy has received a lot of very positive reviews and the end-consumers are very enthusiastic about the products. So, we are thrilled about introducing the Doxy to our customers!”

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