Nalpac Now Shipping System JO's Sexual Wellness Center

FERNDALE, Mich.—The full series of System Jo’s Wellness Center displays are now available from leading adult distributor Nalpac.

Customers will now be able to order the Elite Wellness Center (2-foot) and Premium Wellness Center (4-foot or 6-foot), each carefully designed to maximize the potential of core JO Top Sellers.

The Sexual Wellness Center is an inviting and interactive store-in-store shopping destination. Consumers will find products that are formulated to enhance intimate experiences, promote self-confidence, and provide staple products that focus on general health and well-being.

Retailers will find this center is a conversational platform designed to increase sales of core JO Top Sellers. But more importantly, the displays are an exciting venue designed to introduce new revenue with products not typically found in the adult retail channel. The strong presentation of “destination drive” and “trusted” products provide the retailer with a tool to win and shift the buying patterns of consumers away from mass market and increase the basket size of their day-to-day sales.

The perfect solution for compact space efficiency, the Elite Wellness Center 2-foot display only requires a 2-foot by 8-foot slat wall space. This package includes thirteen cartons to fill eight shelves worth of products such as lubricants, stimulants, body products, supplements, hygiene and massage items.

For those looking to add an inviting, bold new spotlight to their store displays, you need the Premium Wellness Center. This display comes loaded with features like a video sign designed to attract attention and evoke an emotional connection with brand and products. It also includes informational cards and a Feature Shelf to provide easy access to product features, top sellers, and testers. The Premium Wellness Center is available in both 4-foot and 6-foot sizes.

Starting at $2,598, the Sexual Wellness Center pays for itself through increased sales by generating excitement, clarity, and confidence to the consumer. 

To learn about these products and more System JO offerings, visit or contact an account manager at [email protected] or (800) 837-5946.