Joydivision Creates Sexual Health, Wellness Training Module For Williams Trading University

PENNSAUKEN, N.J.—Williams Trading Company supports its exclusive U.S. partnership with Joydivision with the creation of an e-learning module “Sexual Health and the Kegel,” hosted by Williams Trading University.

Women—and men—can improve the quality of their sex life by staying in shape with simple and easy Kegel exercises that strengthen the pelvic floor. The pelvic floor can best be described as the muscles stretching from the pelvic bone to the tailbone. These muscles can weaken due to age, childbirth or injury. The benefits of strengthening the pelvic floor muscles are better orgasms, more frequent orgasms and a tighter more sensitive vagina. For men, Kegel exercises will enhance their sexual experience with stronger erections, improved control and more intense orgasms.

Joydivision introduces students to a fact-filled introduction, history and benefits of Kegel exercises and how to do them properly by using JoyBalls Secret, Joydivision’s exclusive set of weighted Kegel balls. Joyballs Secret is a whisper quiet, stringless set of two weighted Kegel balls made of body-safe Silkomed, which is compatible with all lubes. Inside each ball is another weighted ball that creates a trampoline bounce effect of pleasurable sensations with the body’s natural movement.

Williams Trading University is a free e-learning program available exclusively to existing and new Williams Trading Co. accounts. Co-sponsored with 26 adult manufacturers, online courses are available 24 hours/7 days per week accessed with a simple login account. Each course offers product benefits and features as well as a seminar that explains its importance to a customer, their needs and wellbeing. 

“E-learning is a platform commonly used for mainstream corporate retailers such as Nike and Lenscrafters,” said Scott D., director of sales and marketing for Williams Trading Co. “By implementing e-learning to store owners and their employees, we are confident retailers will see a significant lift in sales because vocabulary, industry trends, cross-selling and up-selling techniques are being reinforced.”

“In addition to this educational e-leaning module, Joydivision offers a tester program to support in store sales along with a retail point of sale display program,” added Rich Pyne, vice president of sales, Williams Trading Co.

To learn more about this and other courses offered by Williams Trading University, contact a Williams Trading Co. sales representative at (800) 423-8587 today.