Joyboxx Now Available at Adam & Eve Retail Stores

SEATTLE, Wash.—Passionate Playground has announced that powerhouse franchise Adam & Eve Retail Stores have added Joyboxx and Playtray to their wholesale website.

Joyboxx and Playtray are the only hygienic adult toy storage systems that protects sex toys, people and furniture before, during and after sexual play. Joyboxx with Playtray is affordably priced and available in two colors; black with purple slider lock or purple with black slider lock. Playtray is also sold separately and is a great POS purchase for any customer.

"Having our products available at Adam & Eve Retail Stores means that people across America can now protect their valuable sex toy investments with Joyboxx," said Passionate Playground owner Deborah Semer. "After visiting the Adam & Eve headquarters, I was so impressed by how well they run such a large operation while still maintaining their family and community focus. We are honored to be selected to be a part of the Adam & Eve retail family."

Adam & Eve now operate more than 60 successful retail stores in 18 States and Canada. Adam & Eve's dedication to providing customers with a comfortable and upscale shopping experience is what has earned them national recognition and numerous awards.

"AE stores are very excited to bring the Passionate Playground line of products to our wholesale site so our stores can bring their communities and customer such a well made, well designed, and truly needed product." said Chad Jenny, Adam & Eve Wholesale.

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