Intimate Organics Visits Eldorado for Training Event

TALAHASSEE, Fla.—On May 19 and 20, Intimate Organics was proud to participate in the annual Eldorado Training Weekend, at their offices in Broomfield, in the heart of the Rocky Mountains in Colorado.

Education is at the heart of Intimate Organics core beliefs, so this was an excellent opportunity to spread the word. Rebecca Powley and Patrick Sheahan of Intimate Organics presented Eldorado representatives and retailers with the benefits and highlights of their organic lubricant and sexual enhancement products. The attendees were intrigued with the Intimate Organics product line, especially unique lubricants like Defense, the only lubricant containing both carrageenan (sea kelp) and guava bark anti-bacterial extracts. Carrageenan has been shown in lab studies to prevent the spread of HPV, and guava bark has been used as a natural preventative treatment for yeast infections and Soothe the only anti-bacterial anal lubricant on the market.

All of the products contain USDA Board certified organic extracts and are paraben-, glycerin- and DEA-free.

The attendees were more than happy to taste test a new line of flavored lubes that Intimate Organics’ research and development is working on, and the consensus was “delicious!”

On Saturday, May 20, Intimate Organics attended a dinner, along with System Jo and Topco, for all attendees at the glamorous Blooms restaurant in Broomfield.

All in all, the Eldorado Training Weekend was a great opportunity to meet and network with retailers and Eldorado staff and representatives. It was a weekend of fun, mingling, and education—definitely a must for all industry professionals.

Intimate Organics would like to say “thank you” to Eldorado for hosting such an important weekend and is looking forward to next year’s event.

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