Intimate Organics, Loewie Ink Distribution Deal

HONG KONG—Intimate Organics has chosen European-rooted Loewie, which operates out of Hong Kong and China as exclusive distributor for the Intimate Organics  product line in Asia.

In the company of Loewie’s impressive brand selection and their excellent reputation in the Asian markets, Intimate Organics feels that this is the best home for their quality products. With the development of the Asian economies, the importance of the domestic markets, especially in China and other Asian countries, is rapidly growing. The demand especially for top brands is rising continuously, so it is the perfect time to release Intimate Organics in this booming area.

Rebecca Powley, director of new business development, and Patrick Sheahan, sales manager of Intimate Organics, met with Arnd Krusche, director of Loewie at eroFame in Hannover, Germany, last month to sign an exclusivity agreement for Asia and to discuss a distribution plan for Intimate Organics.

“It is a special honor for us to represent Intimate Organics on an exclusive basis here in Asia. Due to the appealing design and superior quality, the brand fits very well into our portfolio of quality brands and products and will also perfectly serve the demand of our highly quality-savvy Asian customers. We are very excited to be able to introduce the advantages of Intimate Organics’ products and to further educate our markets about the importance of having a more natural choice for enjoying intimate moments,” said Arnd Krusche, managing director of Loewie.

“We had been looking for the perfect partner for distribution into Asia, and we have heard very positive things about their company through other manufacturers. Loewie has a reputation for only carrying the best products and for delivering the best customer service to retailers.  Therefore it was a real pleasure to meet Arnd in person and start building a strong relationship between our two companies. I believe the Intimate Organics brand and Loewie are a perfect fit! ” said Rebecca Powley, director of new business development of Intimate Organics.

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