Intimate Organics Goes to Northwestern University

TALLAHASSEE, Fla.—Intimate Organics sponsored an amazing event, Sex Week, held this past April atNorthwesternUniversity. The goal of sex week was to promote and encourage people to open up about sex and start talking.

Samples of some Intimate Organic products were given out, including some seductive flavored lubricants and some titillating clitoral gel samplings. The turnout at the event was better then expected with many students appearing at the Green Event cosponsored by the Greenhouse residential college.

With Intimate Organics having an innovative collection of USDA Certified Organic extracts and being 100 percent vegan, the Green event was a hit.

The start of Northwestern’s Sex Week began with a kickoff at the dorms the night prior on April 8. There many great Intimate Organic products were given away to eager students to try and experiment with. In regards to the Toasted Macadamia lube one student noted, “I’m a nut person and I love the rich smell of this lube.” As for the Wild Strawberry lube another had a great idea to “try this with a partner on a hot summer day with some daiquiris or coladas!”

Intimate Organics was also involved in Northwestern’s Free Food and Condoms event. There gift bags were arranged with various items donated for the event. Intimate Organics products were distributed, including the Intense Clitoral Stimulating Gel which does not contain any harmful chemicals like menthol.

Lastly, there was a battle in the dorms over Intimate Organics Lemongrass and Coconut Aromatherapy Shower Gels. With a pleasing and gender neutral smell it is no wonder a battle of sexes broke out to see what floor would find themselves victorious.

Northwestern Sex week ran April 9-14. There was a great turnout and response to the contributions that Intimate Organics made to help make their sex week memorable.

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