I Rub My Duckie Products Are Cover Models For Spanish Novels

LOS ANGELES—Big Teaze Toys, makers of the I Rub My Duckie line of products, announced their flagship toys will be the cover models for novels in Spain.

The books are a series of three romance novels that feature different duckies on each cover. The first part of the trilogy, titled Trazos de Placer, will feature the I Rub My Duckie Devil, while the third part, Palabras de Placer, shows I Rub My Duckie Bondage.   

“I was really honored that they wanted to use my Duckies on the covers,” said Big Teaze Toys founder Tony Levine. “I wish I could read the books, but my Spanish no es bueno.”

The trilogy follows the emotionally wounded Melissa, stranded at the altar by her fiancée, who now works to piece herself back together by entering a sexual odyssey with a bohemian painter and even her own attractive, yet controlling, boss.  Her erotic exploration through the sensual valleys of desire helps her realize just what she needs out of a lover, as well as love itself.  

The trilogy will be made available via worldwide publication house Penguin Random House. Trazos de Placer can be ordered via Amazon.com and can also be found in the Kindle store. The paperback will be available in September.  

For more information, go to www.BigTeazeToys.com or contact [email protected].