I Love Vagina Splits from Electric Lingerie

LOS ANGELES - Novelty T-shirt and apparel company I Love Vagina has split with New York-based Electric Lingerie, ending a licensing agreement between the two companies after two years.

ILV originally partnered with Electric Lingerie in an effort to expand the brand and create new products.

"There were many highs and lows working with Electric Lingerie," said I Love Vagina founder and CEO Drew Fin-Kelson. "However, [owner] Elan Rofe and I have different visions on how ILV should be run." 

Fin-Kelson began producing his I Love Vagina line of T-shirts and apparel out of his Hermosa Beach garage in 1998. He now plans to move the label's operations back to California.

"I look forward to restructuring the company and servicing current and future clients," he said.

For more information on purchasing I Love Vagina products call Fin-Kelson at (310) 673-5800, visit¬† ILoveVagina.com, or email [email protected].