Hustler Hollywood Stores Successfully Launch Joyboxx

LOS ANGELES—Passionate Playground announced its products, Joyboxx and Playtray, are on the Hustler retail shelves in time for holiday shopping.

The storage devices are also available in time for Hustler Hollywood’s upcoming event “Naughty or Nice” with Dr. Emily Morse on Dec. 8, when Morse will share her hottest gift picks and answer sex questions.   

“Joyboxx debuted in the top 20 sales for its category at all Hustler locations! There is nothing like it in the world and we are excited to offer this very needed storage system to our customers,” said Hustler buyer Holly Petillo.

The Playtray, is a portable sex toy coaster, wash/dry rack and separator inside Joyboxx, and it is also sold separately in its own packaging wrap. The multipurpose Playtray makes a great stocking stuffer and is available at all Hustler stores.  

“Hustler is one of the hottest globally recognized brands and I am thrilled they have picked up our products and started sales off with a bang!” said Passionate Playground’s Founder Deborah Semer who recently visited the Tacoma, Wash., location and met with staff.

The Tacoma store created two sections for Joyboxx, above the lubrication and in the Kegel ball section next to Magic Wands, making a striking visual impact.   

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