Hot Octopuss Pushes For New Sexual Revolution With Launch Of New Toys

LONDON—Launching its Pulse II sex toy series, award-winning British company Hot Octopuss is challenging people who are unsatisfied with their sex lives to rise up and join the new sexual revolution.

Research conducted by the brand reveals that three out of four people (78 percent) feel uncomfortable talking to their partners about what they want in the bedroom; 69 percent feel underwhelmed by, unhappy with, or simply bored of their current sex lives; and a mere third of people (31 percent) claim to be satisfied in the sack.

Hot Octopuss's new Pulse II series has been developed with the user experience at the forefront, in close collaboration with a wide range of customers of all ages, sexualities, genders and levels of ability and disability. While Pulse II Solo is for male solo use only, the Pulse II Duo has been developed specifically for heterosexual couples and is the first sex toy ever to incorporate two separate, independently-controlled motors that aim to simultaneously satisfy the different stimulatory needs of both male and female partners.

Under the banner “Sex Not Stigma,” Hot Octopuss is inviting people to join a global conversation, encouraging couples to talk honestly and openly about their sex lives in order to improve their relationships.

Hot Octopuss is kick-starting the conversation with a thought-provoking video showing couples talking frankly about sex and how introducing sex toys to the bedroom has changed their lives for the better. People are also invited to join the conversation on social media using #SexNotStigma. The video can be viewed at

The survey also showed that reasons people were dissatisfied with their sex lives included: lack of excitement and adventure; lack of experimentation with new toys and positions; and romance and love simply being lost.

But despite the apparent embarrassment of the majority of people in broaching the subject of sex toys, those who had already introduced them, or had spoken openly to their partners about their needs, were adamant that their sex lives had improved drastically as a result.

Adam Lewis, Hot Octopuss co-founder and designer of Pulse, said, “Hot Octopuss exists to improve people’s sex lives, regardless of their age, gender, sexual preference or physical ability. For too long there has been a stigma attached to the use of sex toys, holding people back from saying what they really want in bed. Some of the hardest silences to break are those in the bedroom, which is why we want to start a sexual revolution where people feel they can break free from the shackles of stereotype and tell their partners what they really want.

“There is often a taboo around talking about wanting or liking sex if you are older, or disabled, or if you just don’t fit the ‘sexy’ stereotype in some way,” Lewis continued. “And for a long time the depiction of men as users of sex toys has been as seedy or perverted, and has prevented them from being able to have an honest dialogue, despite women talking openly about using toys for years. 

"We want to start a conversation that acknowledges that everyone should be able to talk openly about what they want in bed,” he added. “There are many people out there trying to fight that stigma alone and we hope that we can bring everyone together under the banner ‘Sex Not Stigma.’”

All Hot Octopuss products are available at and through various retailers worldwide. Pulse II Duo is priced at £89/$139/€129 and Pulse II Solo at £69/$99/€89.

An animation of how the two toys work can be viewed here