Hot Octopuss’ Pulse Receives Rave Reviews

LONDON—UK-based pleasure products innovator Hot Octopuss continues to receive high praise for Pulse, a luxury “guybrator.” The U.S. adult novelty market was first introduced to the state-of-the-art sex toy at the International Lingerie Show in Las Vegas last fall.

Many sex toy reviewers enlisted the help of male counterparts to offer their assessment of Pulse. GrittyWoman commented, “The Pulse is a mind blowing, orgasm inducing, vibrating machine designed mainly to pleasure men… the Pulse feels so intensely good that he [couldn’t] actually stop himself from reaching orgasm while using it. [It] is one of the best vibrating sex toys, aimed specifically at males, that we have tried to date.”

Dr. Hernando Chavez of AskMen mentioned the added appeal of Pulse for those who may have erectile dysfunction, saying, “This product can be used with an erect or flaccid penis and induce orgasm, which immediately made me excited for those witherectile dysfunction. I tested it out on myself and was pleasantly surprised. I couldn’t help but be erect … without any stroking what so ever, I had an incredibly powerful orgasm in about 15 minutes. This was crazy—a first in my sexual history, to reach orgasm without any sucking or stroking motion, only vibration.”

Madame Amritacompared Pulse to other male masturbation products on the market, saying, “Oh my god y’all, this is the most badass toy directed at male satisfaction I have seen in a long time … I haven't seen him ejaculate with such force and height since we married 16 years ago!” commented on Pulse as a “cock ring on steroids,” and TLARaw also commented on the product’s superior orgasm-inducing powers: “Holy fuck, this thing is awesome … this one's about to trump [all other male masturbators] and become my number one sex toy. There are days when I get to have some fun and stick my dick inside something really, truly special. It's seriously like the Lexus of vibrating men's toys. It's a luxury toy. And it's worth every fucking penny.” Tom Gualtieri of professed his love and devotion for the product, claiming “I’m never leaving my apartment … I loved it. I caressed it. I brought it to City Hall for a marriage license.”

Co-creator of Pulse and Hot Octopuss CEO Adam Lewis said, “We’re extremely proud of Pulse; it really is an amazing piece of engineering. We’re proud to offer a genuinely new and innovative design-led product, which gives the man the most intense orgasms, and when used with a partner, turns foreplay into the main event. We’re thrilled critics agree, and thank them for their honest, candid reviews; it confirms what we have known all along—that men and couples are indeed seeking new and exciting ways to reach orgasm, and Pulse delivers on that promise.”

Founded on medical research and patented across the world, Pulse uses oscillating technology to create a new category in male and couples vibrators compared with traditional vibrations.

At the heart of Pulse lies the cutting edge PulsePlate, delivering a far more intense experience than vibrators through deep and powerful oscillations. Innovatively designed to also be a fantastic couple’s toy, the underside delivers dual-stimulation, whilst its hands-free design leaves partners free to focus on each other.

The British-founded Pulse is also beautiful to look at. Thanks to an award-winning London design agency, Pulse is sleek, discrete and stylish in comparison to most male toys on the market. Customers, retailers and distributors alike are all first charmed by the luxurious design of the device, then amazed by the powerful vibrations the hand-held unit is able to deliver at a touch of a button.

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