Hot Octopuss Continues To Earn Rave Reviews

LONDON—U.K.-based pleasure products innovator Hot Octopuss continues to receive rave reviews by sexual health professionals and therapists for its luxury guybrator Pulse as a revolutionary, alternative approach to addressing erectile dysfunction.

Pulse can aid those with erectile dysfunction from a variety of different causes, from psychosexual issues and lifelong erectile problems, to erectile difficulties following prostate cancer treatment. The oscillating technology behind Pulse allows users to ejaculate without the need for an erection, helping to combat psychosexual issues without the need for health practitioner intervention.

“Erectile dysfunction is an incredibly serious issue facing men all over the world. PULSE can now provide something to many couples that previously had been either extremely difficult, or near impossible,” said Patrick Lumbroso, sexual health psychologist, sexologist and director of psychology services at Australia’s LifeAfterProstateCancer/MindFocus clinic. “With Pulse, men with severe ED and their partners can receive both simultaneous genital stimulation and emotional closeness. Pulse is so much more than an ‘adult toy’. In my opinion, it is a truly revolutionary adult sexual health device.”

“[Pulse] is an important adjunct for men with erectile dysfunction to help them resolve their psychosexual issues, and address ongoing issues in couple relationships by helping maintain an erection,” addsJanice Hiller, Consultant Clinical Psychologist and psychosexual and relationship therapist at Tavistock Centre for Couples in London.

Reviews of Pulse by U.S. doctors have also been extremely positive: Dr. Hernando Chavez ofAskMen.comsaid, “This product can be used with an erect or flaccid penis and induce orgasm, which immediately made me excited for those witherectile dysfunction. I tested it out on myself and was pleasantly surprised. I couldn’t help but be erect … without any stroking what so ever, I had an incredibly powerful orgasm in about 15 minutes. This was crazy—a first in my sexual history, to reach orgasm without any sucking or stroking motion, only vibration.”

Board-certified urologist Marc Richman, MD, added, “[A] urological application for Pulse would be in the treatment of erectile dysfunction. Many of the treatments that we employ to treat ED, including drugs like Viagra, require sexual stimulation to exert their pro-erection effect. Since the Pulse can be used on a flaccid penis, this stimulation could aid men in achieving better results from their ED treatments …The Pulse can [also] help men learn to control their ejaculation.”

According to the UK’s National Health Service, it is estimated that half of all men between the ages of 40 and 70 suffer from erectile dysfunction to some degree. This next generation in sexual aids may herald a reduction in the need for medical treatments, such as utilizing pharmaceuticals such as Viagra and Cialis.

“We’re extremely proud of Pulse and of producing a truly innovative, design-led product that addresses a previously ignored sector of the marketplace,” says co-creator of Pulse and Hot Octopuss CEO Adam Lewis. “Pulse’s unique engineering and oscillating technology now offers men and their partners an alternative way of dealing with erectile dysfunction.”

Founded on medical research and patented across the world, Pulse is one of the most powerful and effective stimulators ever created. Harnessing state-of-the-art oscillating technology, the cutting edge PulsePlate, Pulse creates an entirely new category in male and couples vibrators compared with traditional vibrations. Not only is the technology impressive, the British-founded Pulse is as beautiful as it is effective. Working with an award-winning London design agency, Pulse is sleek, discreet and stylish in comparison to most male toys on the market.

The U.S. adult novelty market was first introduced to the state-of-the-art sex toy at ILS last fall, and continues to receive high praise from industry colleagues and reviewers alike, resulting in more than 10,000 units sold around the world in the first six months since pulse’s launch.

Worn by him but enjoyed by both, Pulse is the first sex toy on the market that is designed to be both a revolutionary male stimulator and a pioneering couple’s toy to be used during foreplay. For more information, visi or follow Pulse on Twitter at and on Facebook at