German Website Gives High Marks To pjur Cool

WASSERBILLIG, Luxemburg—my-Lovetoy, a German website about erotic prodicts, recently conducted a three-week test of pjur Cool, a mentholated water-based lubricant, and honored it with the my-Lovetoy seal.

Most of the testers loved the tingling cooling effect: "I enjoyed feeling a slight coolness, as if a gentle breeze was wafting through the bedroom. For me personally it was an extremely pleasant feeling, and my wife was also enthusiastic. She particularly enjoyed the effect of passionate heat in contrast with the coolness of the lubricant," said Raimund, one of the testers.

A female tester had a similar opinion: "I also use pjur Cool when I'm alone, since I particularly enjoy the tingling feeling of coolness when I'm really hot!"

The consistency of the product won particular praise: "We found it very pleasant that the lubricant was not as sticky as some other ones," reported one test pair. Testers Marta and Niels were enthusiastic about the packaging as well: "The bottle is light blue, which really fits the ‚refreshing menthol’ claim and at the same time expresses a certain pleasant anticipation. We find the design well-conceived, and the promised effect is nicely underscored by the label's ice crystal illustration."

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