Fun Factory Wins StorErotica Award

LOS ANGELES—StorErotica has awarded German-owned company Fun Factory USA with the Best European Novelty Company 2012 Award. Frederic Walme, new head of Fun Factory USA, is honored and wants to thank his USA team, the German manufacturing site, and all North American customers as well as StorErotica.

Last May, Fun fActory  was in the news on USA national TV for their record sales of Smartballs. In July, the company announced that it broke its own record in revenue since the creation of the corporation in 2003. Then at ANME, Fun Factory USA was recognized by StorErotica as the European Novelty Company of the Year.

"This European Company Award is well deserved, as Fun Factory is one of only two brands world-wide to manufacture vibrators in Europe. There are only two vibrator factories in Europe and they are both located in Germany. Fun Factory is the largest by far," said Emilie Rosan, marketing manager at Fun Factory USA.

Dirk Bauer, owner of the company, likes to stress that "cost of manufacturing in Europe is very high. This is why most European designed toys are made in China. Germany is where we produce and this will never change. Our brand image, ability to control quality and test new technologies completely rests on the fact that we manufacture in Germany."

Head of Sales for Fun Factory Gmbh Valerie Palmieri added, "the factory is located in the same complex as the headquarters in Bremen, Germany. I need to be able to see the production lines at least a couple of times a week. Our executive team works hand in hand with the production team. The co-founder of Fun Factory, Michael Pahl, is the head engineer for the company. His office is inside the factory itself. No division between the office and the factory is ever conceivable for us."

This success is expected to endure, as Fun Factory just launched a new packaging concept, which dramatically increases the perceived value of its products. Furthermore, the company is planning to launch a brand new technology this winter.

"The new product we are releasing uses a new kind of patented technology. It is unlike anything anyone has ever experienced. I think the industry is ready for the next thing after vibrators" Walme said.

Some prototypes are already in the hands of a few select retailers and testers in the USA.

"All who have touched this new product agree that it will make a big splash in the industry" Walme adds.

The entire Fun Factory USA team was present to receive the award at the StorErotica Awards last month. They expressed their gratitude and promised to continue providing some of the best quality products and service in the novelty industry for years to come.

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