Following Release Of STI Study, Sliquid Offers Alternatives To Saliva

DALLAS—A study published earlier this month in the journal Sexually Transmitted Infections found receptive partners who used their partners’ saliva for lube during anal intercourse were twice as likely to have rectal gonorrhea. In an effort to educate consumers, fans of Sliquid are recommending the family of lubricants as a safe alternative to saliva.

"Before I knew better and had pleasure focused sex education, I had used saliva and even dish soap as lube for anal sex – that was a poor choice,” said Hunter Riley, store manager and sex educator at Self Serve Toys in Albuquerque, N.M. “Each of those times ended in a painful experience that wasn't fun for me or my partners, and could have caused damage to my body. Not all lubes are created equal for butt play, either; thick, gel-like lube is best for any anal play, and Sliquid's Sassy has always done a great job of cushioning any penetration to make it more comfortable and pleasurable."

In the study, researchers estimated nearly half of all rectal gonorrhea cases may be eliminated by eradicating the use of saliva during anal intercourse.

“The anus does not self-lubricate, which means lubrication is essential to prevent chafing or micro-tears to delicate anal tissue, which can increase risk of STI transmission,” Los Angeles-based sex educator and coach Elle Chase said. “Saliva does not provide the same level of slickness and skin protection during intercourse that personal lubricants can, and it’s important to note that our mouths are not sterile environments. I always recommend that people and couples use a thick and reliable lubricant like Sliquid for safer sex—especially safer anal sex.”

Sliquid specializes in creating body-safe personal glides with several made specifically for anal intercourse. Sliquid Organics Natural Gel and Sliquid Sassy are clean and simple glides featuring extra-thick formulations for long-lasting slickness and maximum comfort. Ideal for use on delicate body tissue, these two Sliquid varieties are recommended especially for sensitive skin.

And for men who have sex with men, Sliquid has formulated the Ride BodyWorx series. Ride Silk Hybrid is recommended most for its blend of cream emollients and 12 percent silicone, resulting in long-lasting results and easy clean-up.

“Many people don’t know that using lube is an important risk-reduction practice for HIV and STI prevention,” said Raul M. Quintero, HIV/PrEP Educator, PrEPare.LA. “While spitting onto a partner before anal sex is admittedly hot for those of us who enjoy man-on-man action, it’s important to consider that spit may play a significant role for rectal gonorrhea transmission, and using lube not only reduces painful friction caused by dried-up saliva, it reduces risk for HIV and other STIs, too. When using condoms, try dropping a little lube in the reservoir tip to add extra pleasurable sensation to the glans (or tip) of the penis.”

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