Fascinations Carrying Passionate Playground’s Joyboxx

SEATTLE—Adult novelty retailer Fascinations is now carrying the Joyboxx—a hygienic adult toy storage system—from Passionate Playground at its 17 locations.

"Fascinations is a leading large U.S. chain that provides a beautiful retail shopping environment. l am personally thrilled that my friends and family in the Southwest and Colorado can now go down the street and pick up Joyboxx!" said Passionate Playground founder Deborah Semer.

Joyboxx with Playtray is a hygienic, clean, and safe place to keep your toys while they are not in use. Joyboxx has a discreet hole in the back for charging as well as an easy access compartment in the top for smaller items like condoms and lube. 

"Fascinations is excited to now carry the Joyboxx. The innovative concept coincides with our brand promoting sexual health & wellness," said Keri Birchby, Fascinations purchasing manager.

Visit Joyboxx.com to learn more.