Eropartner Distribution Now Has Sqweel XT

THE NETHERLANDS—Eropartner Distribution continued to add to its impressive product lineup, this time with the addition of the Sqweel XT for men.

“Sqweel XT is a unique proposition for men, there is nothing quite like it,” said Jim Primrose, general sales manager for Lovehoney, manufacturers of the Sqweel family of products. “After the success of the Sqweel for women, it was the obvious next step to create a similar toy for men. The momentum for male sex toys is gathering pace; 2016 is the Year of the Male Sex Toy and it’s about time that men realised what they’ve been missing out on."

Featuring two sets of Turbo Tongues—soft and extra firm—that rotate in three speeds and three pulsating patterns, the Sqweel XT is designed to simulate oral sex action. Sqweel XT is USB-rechargeable, has a travel-lock feature and is waterproof.

“We have seen a growing interest in male sex toys the past year, and we are expecting that this will only increase in 2016, so the Sqweel XT has been introduced at the right time and we advise our retail partners to stock on it,” said Mischa Heins, account manager at Eropartner Distribution. “With its gadget-like design, it looks very different than most male masturbation toys and is sure to make a great addition to the offering of every retailer.”

A counter display unit of Sqweel XT is also available; it has six pieces and one free sample.

For more information on Sqweel, visit or contact the Eropartner Distribution Sales Department at [email protected].