Entrenue President Joe Casella Gets Doused, Donates $1K To ALS

PHOENIX—Entrenue and its CEO, Joe Casella, took the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge this week and, after dousing himself with chilly pool water, upped the ante with a $1,000 donation.

“Donate to charity often; it doesn’t matter which one it is,” Casella urged. “Make an effort to give back, to help others in need, whether it be the less fortunate, animals, children or those ailing from other issues. Give back regularly—don’t just set sales goals for your company or yourself. Set charity goals.”

After accepting the dare from Sliquid’s Dean Elliott (whose video was inspired by the 1983 hit Flashdance), Casella shared his company’s commitment to charitable support and then called out three colleagues to do the same: Pat Jagos from Fascinations, Tori Parker from We-Vibe, and Tiffany Gabrel from Little Genie.

Casella then proceeded to provide viewers with what was glaringly missing from Elliott’s own Ice Bucket video: dance moves. In his signature humorous style, he spun and stamped to Flashdance’s “Maniac” as icy water sprayed around him.

And with a splash, Casella dumped a bucket of icy water pulled from his swimming pool, careful to get most of it back in his pool (mindful of recent water shortage concerns) and helped spread the word about myotrophic lateral sclerosis (aka ALS or Lou Gehrig’s Disease), a disease that has become a household name in the last month.

The Ice Bucket Challenge has picked up incredible speed following a Massachusetts man’s clever idea to spread ALS awareness using the power of social media. Pete Frates, 29, was diagnosed with the illness in 2012 and decided with his family to spark a campaign using the hashtag #IceBucketChallenge. It became a viral sensation within days.

The cause has reached incredible heights with everyone from famous sports stars to Oscar-winning actors filming themselves getting doused with frigid water and daring their peers to do the same.

“It’s inspiring to see the unique ways people work together to spread the word and raise money for important social issues, and the Ice Bucket Challenge is one of the fastest-acting fundraising events we’ve ever seen,” Casella said. “Entrenue is proud to support a variety of important causes every month and it’s an honor to include the ALS Foundation as one of the charities falling near and dear to our hearts this year.” 

Watch Casella get drenched and teach Dean Elliott some impressive Flashdance moves at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mkMlFRDChHM.

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