Entrenue Now Carrying Laid's K.1 Kegel Balls

PHOENIX—Entrenue is now carrying K.1 Silicone Magnetic Balls from Norwegian manufacturer Laid. K.1 balls are coated with the softest silicone on the market and feature a unique magnetic core designed to promote blood flow and circulation while providing a fun new way for women to strengthen their pelvic floor.

“Laid is known for its fun and unique sex toy concepts and we are so impressed by the K.1 Silicone Magnetic Balls as there truly is nothing like them on the market,” Entrenue President Joe Casella said. “Easy to insert, simple to stack together, and no sweat to remove, K.1 Silicone Magnetic Balls might be the most fun women will have while exercising their PC muscles. And the K.1’s colorful display materials are almost as magnetic as they are!”

K.1 Silicone Magnetic Balls are sold in sets of four, two compact magnetic balls at .98 ounce and two slightly larger metal balls at 1.44 ounces for graduated kegel fitness. The smaller balls’ convenient magnetic core and the larger balls’ metal center allow the user to connect multiple K.1 balls for progressive exercise, while their smooth silicone coats offer a silky smooth glide for comfortable PC-muscle squeeze.

The larger K.1 balls are available in Pink and measure 1.3 inches in diameter. The smaller magnetic K.1 balls are available in Black Currant and measure .67 inch. A clever metal point-of-purchase display also is available and showcases the kegel balls in their bright magnetic glory.

To order, call (800) 368-7268, email [email protected] or visit Entrenue.com.