Entrenue Named Exclusive Distributor of OhMiBod's blueMotion Bluetooth Vibe

PHOENIX—Entrenue has been named exclusive distributor of the groundbreaking blueMotion Bluetooth-enabled massager created by the genius minds at high-tech sex toy designer OhMiBod. This portable and wearable massager operates via a smartphone app that controls speed, intensity, patterns and more with the swipe of a finger, enabling couples to stay connected from almost anywhere around the world.

“We set to change the way couples stay connected throughout their busy lives, and it all started by creating wifi-enabled functionality that offers a solution to one of the most common hurdles experienced in relationships today: long distance,” OhMiBod co-founder Brian Dunham said. “blueMotion works as a remote-controlled massager up to a certain range, but as soon as couples hop on wifi, they can go to town on each other in no time. We’re so pleased with the response so far and excited to have Joe and the Entrenue team handle distribution of this very special product.”

blueMotion is an ergonomic massager that women can wear comfortably in lingerie positioned along their intimate curve with a sleek arc shaped for hands-free clitoral contact. Through an intuitive app created exclusively by OhMiBod engineers, blueMotion vibrates and pulsates according to her partner’s specific commands, using his or her phone to control them.

This revolutionary massager’s functions include:

Touch control, which allows for staccato pulsation with the touch of a finger. Powerful pre-set vibration patterns. Tap and record, which allows users to create unique patterns solely for their partners to enjoy. Motion control, which enables users to throttle the massager’s speed by simply tilting their phones. Audio control—one of the most exciting blueMotion functions—which enables users to speak into their phones and have their words converted into pulsation patterns that their partners can feel while listening to each message.

blueMotion works remotely from up to 26 feet away, making it perfect for pleasure both at home and while playing in public. But with a wifi connection, this incredible vibe can help couples enjoy each other’s company from almost any location in the world—revolutionizing the way couples express long-distance love.

blueMotion comes stocked with a blue lace one-size-fits-most thong, a privacy storage pouch, USB charging cord, instruction manual, and one-year manufacturer’s warranty. The unique massager is made of body-friendly, premium-grade hypoallergenic ABS plastic with a velvety coat for smooth sensations.

“OhMiBod never fails to amaze us with the thoughtful, intuitive and simply cool technology they incorporate into their top-selling designs, and blueMotion has taken top billing in the high-tech sex toy category,” Entrenue President Joe Casella said. “Entrenue is proud to have been chosen as the only distributor of this exciting product and we look forward to providing our customers with a brand new way for consumers to connect and express themselves.”

Entrenue also will offer a free sleek and modern blueMotion POS display with a matching floor sample with a minimum purchase order.

For more information, call (800) 368-7268, [email protected] visit Entrenue.com.