Entrenue Named Co-Exclusive Distributor of Bubble Love Pleasure Jet

PHOENIX—Entrenue has signed a co-exclusive agreement with the makers of Bubble Love, the industry’s very first handheld bubble jet that stimulates using the power of water. This submersible mini jet propels millions of tiny pulsating bubbles that gently, yet vigorously, massage sensitive areas underwater, turning ordinary bath time into an incredibly intimate adventure—and Entrenue is one of the only distributors to stock it.

Inspired by a tried-and-true masturbation technique adored by all, Bubble Love is a submersible (and portable!) hydro jet that stimulates and massages more effectively than an ordinary bath hose. Rather than a stream of water, Bubble Love sends ribbons of air bubbles that stimulate on contact without mechanical vibration or manual movement. Users can either hold it at their desired distance or use the included suction-cup mount to keep their hands free for even more fun.

And every Bubble Love attaches to an optional Dilly, which fits snugly below the jet opening to provide internal pleasure and a more full-bodied orgasm. Testimonials share that orgasms come faster and easier with Bubble Love and have inspired women across the country to end their long-term relationships with their ordinary shower heads.

“We knew we had to have Bubble Love as soon as we saw its concept,” Entrenue President Joe Casella said. “Faucets and nozzles are common, often favorite, masturbation tools for women, and Bubble Love offers an even better way to enjoy the comforting massage of warm water without the need of a fancy shower head. Using the combined power of air and water, women can enjoy the sensation in almost any body of water for an entirely new way to enjoy a bath, hot tub or pool. It’s a genius idea and we’re honored to have been chosen to help spread the word and bring Bubble Love to retailers across the country. ”

Thanks to its compact and unassuming shape—it could easily be mistaken for a hair dryer—Bubble Love is inconspicuous and can be hidden in plain sight, making it easy to travel with and completely transform any ordinary tub.

With a minimum order, Bubble Love comes with a durable acrylic shelving display with a motion-activated LCD screen that plays an informative video only when shoppers walk by. The unit also is MAP protected to prevent price gouging online.

For more information or to place an order,  call (800) 368-7268, email [email protected] or visit Entrenue.com.