Entrenue Introduces Colorful, Affordable MyStim Electrostimulation Massagers

PHOENIX—Entrenue now stocks a new series of electrostimulation massagers from German design impresario MyStim, shedding a brighter light on what’s become a growing trend in alternative stimulation. These colorful and couples-friendly devices offer retailers simple designs, modern packaging and clever merchandising that replaces what was once a kinky taboo with a couples-friendly marketing campaign that appeals to the masses.

Once considered solely to be a medical solution for pain management quickly evolved into an intensely satisfying method of sexual pleasure, and before long MyStim became the go-to source for sex toys powered by electrical impulse. Its product line includes three massagers that combine vibration with electricity and a series of conductive chastity devices, plugs, dildos, and unique penis straps all designed to transfer electricity to key pleasure points on the body.

“MyStim maintains a trusted reputation for manufacturing medical-grade electrical stimulation products thanks to its history in the health and wellness market, and once we saw how well their debut e-stim vibes performed, we knew it was time to bring on the full line,” Entrenue President Joe Casella said. “Men, women and couples are more aware of the physical and sexual benefits of electro-stimulation and making direct requests for affordable and unintimidating options – and that’s where MyStim has the market on lock. Plus, their team is a pleasure to work with, as their passion for what they create is translated quite clearly in their products’ quality and attention to detail.”

Most unique to the line are MyStim’s chastity cages and penis straps, all featuring conductive surfaces that transfer electric impulses to the body’s most sensitive areas at varying intensities. The Pubic Enemy No. 1 cock cage keeps him under lock and key while tingling, pulsing and twitching his member. Pearly Pete is a thin silicone strap that wraps around the corona using gold-plated ball bearings to transmit pulsing or tingling impulses throughout the tip of the penis. Plunging Pete is a similar silicone corona strap that features a 24K gold urethral sound for an extremely concentrated and intense sensation.

“There’s such limited supply of special and powerfully pleasurable sex toys for men and when we saw how sophisticated, yet simple to use, MyStim’s penis straps and chastity cages were, we had to have them,” Casella said. “We’ve never seen designs like these before and they’re doing quite well on the retail end, so it’s perfect timing to expand our MyStim inventory to include more options for men, women and couples curious to explore e-stim a little deeper.”

To place an order, call (800) 368-7268, [email protected] visit Entrenue.com.