Entrenue Introduces 3 Affordable Luxury Shapes from B Swish

PHOENIX—Entrenue is now stocking three new shapes from B Swish: the BFilled Classic Unleashed wireless remote controlled anal plug, BCharmed Classic vibrating c-ring, and Bfit Classic Kegel balls. 

“B Swish products give customers bright, visually appealing products with a high-end look—without the high-end price points,” Entrenue President Joe Casella said. “We’re excited offer couples three new ways to play from a brand that’s become synonymous with reliable functionality, affordable fun, and powerful pleasure.”

Known for its simple and affordable designs, B Swish is back with playful user-friendly options featuring chic packaging and competitive price points.

The BFilled Classic plug makes anal play easy with a wireless remote that cycles through five vibration levels. A variation on the classic “spade” shape, the BFilled Classic features a tapered tip for easy insertion and an outer bulge that makes it stay in place and simple to remove. Geared toward a female audience, this plug lets users experiment with anal play while incorporating relaxing, stimulating vibration—even underwater—at a beginner-friendly price point under $40. The BFilled Classic is available in blue, black and magenta and made from non-porous ABS plastic with a body-safe polyurethane coating.

 Perfect for couples just starting sex toy experimentation is the BCharmed Classic C-ring, a silicone vibrating ring that retails at only $16—one of the lowest price points in the category for this kind of quality. The stretchy ring fits most sizes and features an extended tongue-like lip at the top for textured clitoral stimulation. This unit is available in black, blue and burgundy with batteries included.

The BFit Classic invites customers to exercise their pelvic floor for stronger orgasms with a super-simple design that won’t break the bank. Retailing at only $16, this Kegel exercise kit comes with two silicone balls weighing 24 grams each and two silicone harnesses: one that fits a single ball and one that fits both. The Bfit Classic is available in bubble gum pink, blue and black.

To place an order, call (800) 368-7268, email [email protected] or visit Entrenue.com.