Entrenue Donates $1,000 To Norman Arts Council

PHOENIX—Entrenue is committed to supporting charitable organizations across the country and has donated $1,000 on behalf of its most recent raffle winner, Adam & Eve, serving the Oklahoma City area. The respected retailer entered Entrenue’s drawing at the spring International Lingerie Show and chose the arts-focused foundation to receive the winning donation.

“My husband and I were extremely excited to hear that we had won the opportunity to support a charity that helps enrich the local community while keeping the city’s colorful history alive,” said Lennox Ryerson-Gonzalez, owner and operator of Adam & Eve of the Oklahoma City area. “We are honored to have partnered with Entrenue in presenting this generous donation to the Norman Arts Council.”

Entrenue established its semi-annual raffle several years ago to further promote its dedication to community support and service, inviting customers to enter for the chance to select a special charity to receive a $1,000 donation. Since the raffle’s debut, Entrenue has donated thousands on behalf of its faithful customers, and this season’s winner chose an organization that supports her community’s rich history of public art, events and education.

“It has been such a pleasure hosting our charity raffle and seeing the array of organizations that our loyal customers select as recipients,” Entrenue President Joe Casella said. “Our team feels inspired by the stories and motivations behind each winner’s choice and we love knowing that our collaborations have a positive effect on so many members of the community. Art and arts education is an important part of our culture that’s often put on the back burner when budgets are tight, but foundations like the Norman Arts Council work hard to put the arts back in the spotlight.”

For more information about The Norman Arts Council, visit http://www.normanarts.org/.

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