Entrenue Debuts Sleek 2016 Catalog

PHOENIX—Entrenue has debuted its 2016 catalog, a creation that artfully celebrates the intersection of art and intimacy throughout the 20th century. In five chapters, the catalog guides readers through key categories with a revamped layout that showcases new and mainstay products in a visually more interesting display.

Art + Lust: A Lesson in 5 Chapters gives customers a unique way to explore Entrenue’s vast product offerings while exploring the influences that each era has had on views of human sexuality. It’s the largest catalog the distributor has ever completed and showcases more than 450 pages of products complemented by graphical elements never before seen in a catalog like this.

“We modeled this year’s catalog on 20th century art and design movements using colors, typestyles, and design elements that reflect iconographic highlights from each era, including Art Nouveau, Modernism, Abstract Expressionism, Russian Constructivism and Pop Art,” Entrenue Art Director Liz Pomeroy said. “We also re-organized our content to match our website and made the icons we use easier to understand and follow to help our customers find products quickly.”

These thoughtful elements were carried over into an online version of the 2016 catalog, a convenient option for more tech-minded customers.

“This year, our online catalog will also have clickable content for all in-stock items,” Entrenue Director of Digital Marketing Jen Urso said. “Customers can click to go directly to the product on our website. It is truly a 'Lesson of Art + Lust'.”

The 2016 Entrenue catalog is shipping now. To order one, or to log into the online edition, please visit Entrenue.com or email [email protected].