Entrenue Debuts ON for Him, X On the Lips Natural Sexual Enhancement Products

PHOENIX—Entrenue has debuted the latest sexual enhancement cosmetics and crèmes from Sensuva, creators of the best-selling ON Arousal Oil and Balm. ON for Him testosterone crème and X On the Lips pheromone lip balm feature all-natural proprietary blends that offer the user one-of-a-kind results that help change the way men and women experience sex.

ON for Him is a topical crème that naturally increases a man’s testosterone, dramatically boosting libido as his body’s testosterone levels naturally decrease with age. With botanical extracts and bioactive nutrients, ON for Him offers necessary enhancement where many prescriptions fall short and is the idea skin crème to help replenish testosterone while rebuilding intimacy with his partner.

“ON for Him is a truly unique and thoughtfully designed product for men who find their libidos lacking as their female partners’ sex drive hit their prime,” Entrenue Brand andMarketing Director Lisa Mazurek said. “Men naturally deplete testosterone around the age of 30-40, and while many turn to prescription replacements some men’s bodies instinctively shut down production at the onset of medication. The beauty of ON for Him is that while it is often used alone, it can also be used with any prescription to naturally induce testosterone production, therefore enhancing the medicine at the same time as his love life.”

ON for Him is made to be applied once a day topically on the skin in an area without hair. When used for a prolonged period of time—Mazurek recommends at least one month—the biodynamic ingredient blend will build testosterone to a noticeable level. And featured in sophisticated packaging, ON for Him is made to be merchandised alongside the top-selling ON for Her products for couples shopping for sexual enhancement products together.

Also brand new from Sensuva is X On the Lips, a unique “buzzing” lip balm featuring natural pheromones meant to attract a partner and pull him or her close and leave a very memorable kiss. Plant botanicals and extracts offer a sexy tingling sensation that intensifies with every kiss, making it nearly impossible to let go. And with a visually stimulating kissing guide, users are guaranteed a kinetic kissing session that will leave both mouths yearning for more.

“I love what Sensuva did with X On the Lips, making it a playful product with gender-neutral pheromones and packaging so anyone in the mood for luxe lip love will feel comfortable bringing it home,” Mazurek said. “And the kissing guide is adorable and helps merchandise the lip balm in a fun, flirty way. And from what I’ve heard from our customers’ trusted testing teams, the ingredients really work!"

X On the Lips comes stocked in a 12-piece counter display and is available free to retailers upon special request. For more information or to order today, call (800) 368-7268, email [email protected] or visit Entrenue.com.