Entrenue Debuts Cosmo Magazine's Revamped Sex Game Series

PHOENIX—Entrenue has brought to adult retailers the new revamped collection of best-selling sex games developed by the editors of internationally recognized Cosmopolitan magazine. Featuring Kinky Sex Games, the latest addition to the line, and a sexy and risqué packaging makeover, this five-SKU range makes it easy for retailers to inspire women and couples to explore their sensual sides in a fun and flirty way.  

“Kinky Sex Games is Cosmopolitan’s latest release and they were smart to introduce a SKU on the kinkier side, as that is an eye-catching keyword that shoppers associate with modern sexuality,” Entrenue President Joe Casella said. “Sex games act as a comfortable gateway to adult product shopping and are fun introductions to bedroom exploration that most definitely inspire return and repeat business. And backed by a brand name like Cosmopolitan, each of these sex games sells better than the next.”

Kinky Sex Games features a series of carnal challenges and erotic adventures that dare couples to role-play and explore the erotic world outside of their comfort zones. With categories including DIY Sex Toys, Master/Servant and Sex Ninja, Kinky Sex Games is a guaranteed top-seller for retailers looking to expand their sex game inventory.

The popular Cosmopolitan collection of sex games has been given a striking sexy makeover to create a matched set designed to stand out on store shelves. Updated SKUs include Cosmo’s Naughty Notes, Cosmo’s Steamy Sex Games, Cosmo’s Truth or Dare and Cosmo’s 365 Naughty Nights.

Cosmopolitan is such a trusted international brand, as it provides some of the most accessible and mainstream-friendly sex and relationship advice to men and women of all ages,” Casella said. “These are the kinds of products shoppers ask for by name, and now with such sharp and modern packaging it’s the perfect time for retailers to stock the line in full.”

The Cosmopolitan collection of popular sex games also features new compact packaging designed to conserve shelf and storage space.

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