Entrenue Debuts 210th Experience Luxury Bath & Body Line to U.S.

PHOENIX—Entrenue is proud to introduce 210th Experience luxury bath and body products designed to inspire love, intimacy and quality time between couples with discerning taste. 210th Experience combines high-fashion design with skin-nourishing ingredients to create a series of sensual oils, creams and skincare items packaged in a seductive style that stimulates scintillating sales.

“The creators of 210th Experience found a unique way to bring a sexy and seductive style to bath and body essentials without losing their marketability,” Entrenue President Joe Casella said. “Each cream, oil and body product is packaged in sleek and modern boxes with suggestive and provocative ‘challenges’ under the label for couples to try together. This thoughtful lifestyle brand will be a welcome addition to any adult boutique’s bath and body section.”

210th Experience was founded by Sofie Rockland, an international fashion designer who studied under the prestigious Master Koetsier Foundation at the Amsterdam Fashion Institute. Understanding the consumer response to form, fashion and function, Rockland created this eight-piece collection using body-beneficial ingredients, luxurious scent profiles, and sleek packaging to provide a uniquely lavish experience.

Intimacy-inspiring products include a Massage Candle that melts to produce deliciously smooth massage oil; hydrating Massage Oil featuring a special combination of natural ingredients; and thick and rich Body Cream featuring antioxidants and vitamin E for silky skin.

Bath products include a softening Body Scrub for gentle exfoliation; a seductive Body Mask featuring clarifying China clay and hydrating botanicals; enriched Bath Oil featuring soy and moisturizing ingredients; and a creamy Shower Cream that creates a soft, hydrating lather.

And for the ultimate in intimate luxury, 210th Experience has created a unique “crème de la crème” of lubricants featuring a silky silicone base that’s odorless and taste-free and glides smooth for long-lasting pleasure.

210th Experience bath and body products are subtly fragranced with a careful combination of linden blossom, freesia, amber, musk, vanilla fudge, and fruit scents. 210th Experience products are cruelty-free and never tested on animals.

Feel the 210th Experience for yourself. Call (800) 368-7268, or email [email protected] to order.  For more information, visit http://entrenue.com.