Entrenue Carrying PelvixConcept Kegel Exercise, Rehab System

PHOENIX—Entrenue has officially debuted PelvixConcept, a unique pelvic muscle toning method that artfully matches intimate strength with vaginal health.

“Strong PC muscles help accelerate sexual arousal and orgasm, which can be enjoyed—and even felt—by her partner during intercourse, and PelvixConcept is one of the most impressive intimate fitness systems we’ve seen,” Entrenue President Joe Casella said. “The team found the perfect blend between traditional Ben Wa-style balls and vaginal cones with packaging that tastefully and discreetly highlights the health benefits of regular use. There’s nothing else like PelvixConcept on the market and our customers love the unique design and thoughtful merchandising.”

Designed with a team of medical experts, PelvixConcept incorporates the isolating strength of vaginal cones with the intimate pleasure of Chinese “Ben Wa” balls to create a significantly superior kegel fitness system.

PelvixConcept was created in collaboration with an elite group of gynecologists, urologists, physiotherapists and midwives to develop an adjustable system that provides strengthening and rehabilitative results. Featuring a hollow contoured and ribbed shell that encases one of three weighted spheres, PelvixConcept is easily inserted and comfortably clamped between the pubococcygeus (aka PC) muscles to develop and maintain a strong pelvic floor.

Women experiencing incontinence, genital prolapse, sexual discomfort and other similar ailments are recommended to regularly use PelvixConcept for 15-20 minutes a day for one to four months. Following a regular routine, PelvixConcept can help improve a variety of maladies caused by menopause, genetic inheritance, post-pregnancy effects and health problems—and enjoy heightened sexual pleasure as an invigorating result.

PelvixConcept is marketed to women of all ages and lifestyles and perfect for both preventative and restorative use. Call (800) 368-7268, email [email protected] or visit Entrenue.com.