Entrenue Carrying LELO's Luna Smart Bead, Ora 2

PHOENIX—Entrenue is now shipping two of LELO’s most anticipated new releases following months of development and expert execution. The Luna Smart Bead and Ora 2 introduce two unique ways to intensify and enhance women’s orgasmic potential, both featuring simple and sophisticated design elements that reinvent the way women enjoy intimate pleasure.  

The Luna Smart Bead is a high-tech pleasure trainer that improves PC muscle fitness using a touch-sensing design. With every squeeze, the LUNA Smart Bead measures and records progress and ultimately programs a fitness routine that’s right for the user’s unique shape and experience level. Users also can progress through five vibration-guided levels that exercise and coach the PC muscles to strengthen with every contraction—with the final goal being stronger, longer and more intense orgasms.

Ora 2 is an intricately improved version of LELO’s original oral sex simulator featuring a pleasantly prominent rotating nub that protrudes just enough to elegantly and languidly swirl around, across and up-and-down the clitoris. This new “tongue” is supplemented with LELO’s new SenseTouch technology that activates the motor’s incremental speeds when in contact with the skin. The harder she presses, the more pleasure Ora 2 provides, and with a waterproof casing, users can enjoy the closest sensation to oral sex anywhere she pleases.

“We love LELO for their sophisticated complement of design and performance, and both the LUna Smart Bead and Ora 2 are exemplary representations of what LELO is working to accomplish,” Entrenue President Joe Casella said. “Kegel fitness will always be a key part of women’s sex lives and now with the Luna Smart Bead, they can have an intimate workout worthy of a luxury gym. And we’re pleased to offer the Ora 2—with incentive programs for pushing Ora 1—to bring retailers something incredibly unique and functional for their female shoppers.”

Acrylic counter displays are available for both new units that showcase a tester unit with matching info cards. Contact Entrenue to learn more about the Ora 1 incentive program, which includes a free gift with purchase for consumers curious to try the original.

To place an order, call (800) 368-7268, email [email protected] or visit Entrenue.com.