Entrenue Carrying Colorful Trainer Balls From Toyfriend

PHOENIX—Entrenue is proud to introduce Trainer Balls, seamless pelvic muscle exercisers designed to make building inner strength fun and easy.

“We love the creative twist that Toyfriend put on their Kegel weights while keeping their marketing lighthearted and witty,” Entrenue President Joe Casella said. “Trainer Balls are priced to sell and a great beginner product but, with a second-level weight option, are also perfect for women who regularly use Kegel balls in their own bedroom routine.”

The latest colorful creation from international sex toy designer Toyfriend, Trainer Balls are a quirky twist from traditional Kegel balls and give the classic intimate tool a much-appreciated modern makeover.

Trainer Balls are coated with bright-colored medical-grade silicone and feature single- and double-weight styles to promote gradual kegel strength-building. Unlike traditional kegel balls, Trainer Balls feature a smart egg-like shape with a clever curve on one end for a unique feel. And each featuring the colorful whimsy that Toyfriend toys are known for, Trainer Balls are perfect for women of all ages curious to give kegel fitness a try.

Trainer Balls are available in single 1.13-ounce or double 2.33-ounce options and feature an easy retrieval cord. Featuring brilliant marketing tools, clever signage and petite packaging, Trainer Balls stack nicely on store shelves and offer a pop of color without taking up valuable space. An ideal 16-unit point-of-purchase display also is available, which neatly stocks four of each SKU.

Single weights are available in magenta and yellow while double weights are available in black and blue. A stylish acrylic point-of-purchase display also is available and allows retailers to showcase the Trainer Balls out of the packaging to let shoppers see and feel the difference.

To order, call (800) 368-7268, email [email protected] or visit Entrenue.com.