Entrenue Brings Innovative Dual-stimulation G-Vibe to National Adult Retail Market

PHOENIX—Entrenue is proud to bring the highly anticipated G-Vibe dual-stimulation vibrator to the adult retail market after months of excited anticipation. Following its initial debut the G-Vibe has set the industry abuzz with its unique split-tip shape, and Entrenue is proud to have been selected as one of the few distributors to bring the innovative female-friendly vibe to retailers nationwide.

The G-Vibe features a V-shape that houses a separate ultra-quiet motor in each tip to simultaneously stimulate the G-spot and A-spot for a pleasant full feeling without stretching the vaginal opening. This ergonomically engineered design adapts to the unique internal shape of the female body and offers a sensation unlike any other product on the market.

“The G-vibe’s shape spoke to us the moment we first saw it and we all had an ‘a-ha!’ moment when we learned what its revolutionary design does for the female body,” Entrenue President Joe Casella said. “Its unique shape was designed by an engineer and his wife looking for a new kind of sex toy to spice up their adventurous sex life, and they appear to have set a new precedent that we’re quite excited about. The G-Vibe is one of this year’s most anticipated product releases and is expected to sell out fast – we recommend our customers place their orders now to assure prompt delivery.” 

The G-Vibe features versatile packaging with a modern aesthetic that showcases the G-Vibe with sophisticated yet suggestive floral sketches drawn by internationally known erotic artist Elena Mirosedina. This sexy state-of-the-art packaging garnered G-Vibe parent company FunToys a nomination for a prestigious Cannes Lions design award.

The G-Vibe vibrates with six modes at multiple intensities, from a light tremor to intense vibration, and is made of premium grade hypoallergenic medical silicone. The G-Vibe features a rechargeable battery that buzzes for fourhours on a single charge, an exceptional one-year warranty, and is water resistant for easy cleaning. Choose from pink, purple and rose.

Order your G-Vibe today. Call (800) 368-7268, email [email protected] visit Entrenue.com for more information.