Entrenue Bows 2 Remote-control Shapes From Je Joue

PHOENIX—Entrenue has been selected as one of few distributors of Dua and Nuo, two brand new remote-controlled shapes from British luxury brand Je Joue. Dua offers an elegant curve for G-spot and clitoral stimulation while Nuo provides firm vibration against the perineum and prostate, each operated by a discreet pen-shaped control that easily toggles through pleasure patterns without skipping a beat.

“Je Joue has always performed well with us; the Mio is one of customers’ favorite rechargeable vibrating rings and the Ami balls have become go-to’s for proper kegel fitness,” Entrenue President Joe Casella said. “The design team truly thought outside of the basic box with Nuo and Dua and have brought retailers two very versatile and unique shapes that can be used solo or with a partner and cater to pleasure zones found on both the male and female body. This adaptability matched with quality construction and a great price point makes these new Je Joue products a must-have for the spring sales season.”

Nuo is a uniquely different anal toy shaped with a gentle curve and bulbous “body” for an pleasant sense of fullness from behind. Nuo’s slender base follows the body’s natural lines and allows the toy to nestle between the buttocks and stay in place with ease. Rotate Nuo with the curve facing upward (in the direction of the belly button) to better access the P-spot or tilt and rock Nuo to explore depths and angles.

Nuo’s unique width at its stem also makes it an ideal toy to use in preparation for anal sex. Its smooth, rounded base pleasures while keeping the anus slightly dilated, readying the wearer for the next step. 

Dua matches essential clitoral stimulation with pleasantly firm G-spot vibration to bring women a sophisticated alternative to traditional dual-stimulator massagers. Dua’s spherical bulb is ergonomically shaped to press firmly, yet comfortably against the G-spot while its flexible extension makes it easy to position comfortably alongside the clitoris. Dua features two independently controlled vibrating motors, one at each end – turn both on at once to enjoy intense simultaneous sensations, or activate each separately for targeted vibration right where she wants it.

Dua’s spherical bulb also can act as an effective kegel exerciser that improves PC muscle fitness while providing pleasant stimulation. Simply insert Dua into the vagina and practice squeezing and holding the firm shape in place.

These two versatile forms can be enjoyed equally by men and women using a discreet pen-like remote or a free smartphone app that comes preprogrammed with a variety of pleasure patterns. Both feature whisper-quiet motors that vibrate with five speeds and seven functions that range from a subtle rumble to an intense finish.

Nuo and Dua are rechargeable and made of pure silicone. Dua comes available in black, lilac, purple or fuchsia colors and Nuo in black and purple.

To place an order, call (800) 368-7268, email [email protected] or visit Entrenue.com.

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