Empowered Products Moving to Bigger Space

LAS VEGAS - Empowered Products, a leader in the personal lubricants market, is moving to a larger warehouse and facilities building.


Significant growth led to a need for increased sales, distribution, and support infrastructure, officials said. The company expects to complete the move by March, nearly doubling its available space.

"We've already started 2009 ahead of what we projected in sales," said sales manager Benny Neff. "We have some exciting new projects planned for this year which will facilitate the need for our increased work space."

Empowered Products manufactures and distributes personal lubricants for men and women. The men's line includes such popular brands as Gun Oil Silicone, Gun Oil H2O, Stroke 29 and Jack Jelly.  The women's line consists of PINK, Pink Water, Hot Pink, Frolic and Pink Indulgence Crème.

For more information, visit EmpoweredProducts.com.