ElectricDistro.com has Hustler Toys’ XXXtra Girth Extenders

NEW YORK—Hustler Toys’ newest range for men, XXXtra Girth Extenders, is now available to order on ElectricDistro.com.

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The XXXtra Girth Extenders line allows men to instantly add up to 4 inches to their penis size. As with other collections under the Hustler Toys brand, customers can expect high quality and top performance at the lowest prices. Featuring three sizes, Hustler Toys’ XXXtra Girth Extenders are offered for the ultra low wholesale price of $18.

XXXtra Girth Extenders are designed to be worn during intercourse. Featuring dual material in the tip, each XXXtra Girth Extender provides a soft yet firm texture that’s perfect for penetration. Promising the ultimate realistic experience for both partners, XXXtra Girth Extenders is perfect for role-playing scenarios with a real-life upgrade to the sexual experience. XXXtra Girth Extenders are phthalate-free, waterproof and easy to clean.

Each XXXtra Girth Extender is fully customizable with a base that can be trimmed to obtain a desired size. 

Place your orders for the new range of Hustler Toys’ XXXtra Girth Extenders today, along with other favorites in the line for men and women, at ElectricDistro.com.