ElectricDistro.com Has Lux Fetish Love Swing Stand Back in Stock

NEW YORK—The lowest priced sex swing stand on the market, the bestselling Fantasy Swing Stand from the Lux Fetish line, is back in stock.

The bestseller supports a record-setting weight of 500 pounds, and after having sold out, the Fantasy Swing Stand is now available for immediate shipping from ElectricDistro.com.

Featuring a wholesale price of $185, the Lux Fetish Love Swing is the lowest priced sex swing stand on the market. It also offers superior quality, bringing customers the ultimate satisfaction with top-quality workmanship at the best value in the market.

The Lux Fetish Love Swing can be used with Lux Fetish swing stands, which are capable of holding more than 500 pounds.

Lux Fetish Love Swings are an excellent investment for every couple. Available to wholesalers at the lowest industry prices, the Lux Fetish swing stand is the most affordable option for shoppers with any budget.

With better quality and a better price, the Lux Fetish Love Swing is an instant sale. Couples shopping for products to enhance intimacy will love that the Lux Fetish Love Swing is priced to appeal to first-time buyers.

The Lux Fetish Love Swing can be paired with a variety of spinning stands to find your most perfect sex positions. The Lux Fetish Love Swing is great for solo play, couples, threesomes ... the possibilities are endless.

Available for a lower price than anything currently on the market, the Lux Fetish Love Swing stands out on retail store shelves with beautiful box packaging that is great for storing your new purchase.

Lux Fetish offers something for everybody, catering to beginners and couples alike.  The stylish products in the line are of the highest quality, easy to clean, reusable, and are made to resist wear and tear, a characteristic that is of utmost importance for couples that are experimenting with soft bondage and fetish items.

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