Eldorado Among 1st To Bring Mystim to U.S. Market

BROOMFIELD, Colo.—Eldorado, award-winning distributor, is excited to be one of the first distributors in the U.S. to introduce the European Mystim line from Germany. 

Mystim features product lines with and without e-stim. New to the company’s offerings are the rechargeable E-Stim Vibes, which are the first and only toys that combine vibration and electrical stimulation in one device. They feature two vibrator motors with eight programs, five types of electrical stimulation, and a training program designed for the pelvic floor. The line is elegant and functional with pleasure and comfort in mind. 

“Mystim is a cutting-edge product line that features electro stimulation in metal and silicone. The line caters to consumers who are just curious about e-stim or who are advanced players,” said Jon Vogt, director of purchasing for Eldorado. 

Mystim started out producing electrical stimulation devices for medical use, such as physical therapy and pain management. After realizing that a sizeable amount of the devices were being purchased and used for sexual wellbeing instead of medically, they decided to switch gears and produce toys for intimate play therefore Mystim was born. 

Brian Howlett, strategist for Eldorado, said, “The new line from Mystim is a real win in this niche of pleasure. It gives the user the sensations they want from electrical stimulation, and adds in the tried and true pleasure of vibration. The convenience of having all this in a wireless, USB rechargeable vibrator makes it truly one of a kind!”

The Mystim line is to arrive at Eldorado within a week. Contact your account manager to place a pre-order or for more information.

For more information, visit Eldorado.net.