East Coast News Shipping New Silicone-Free Hybrid from System JO

HIGHTSTOWN, N.J.—East Coast News is now shipping System JO’s new Silicone Free Hybrid. 

System JO has created a new formula that is a fusion of pure coconut oil and water. Their hard work has brought to market a creamy, smooth lubricant with the delicately sweet taste and fragrance of coconut. The benefits and versatility of an all-natural coconut oil builds a long-lasting sensual solution for comfort and pleasure. 

System JO has made sure to perfect this no-drip lubricant by making it both paraben- and glycine-free.

“Our focus over the years has been to formulate products which pay close attention to consumer trends while constantly improving to meet higher standards,” said Janette Bewley, sales and marketing director for System JO. “We design products which provide sensual solutions to any shopper with any sensitivity level. As a trusted brand, our experience is only as good as our options—and at the end of the day, we truly have something exciting for everyone.”

Product education specialist, Ryan McCrobie, added: “Consumers will be pleasantly surprised by our new sensation options available within our Silicone Free Hybrid line. Finally, a thrilling option is available for silicone toy users and collectors who prize only the highest quality materials. Who has two thumbs up and loves these products—this guy!”

“Coconut oil has emerged as a superfood for the body and skin, and once again System JO is ahead of the curve in developing a formula that bottles those benefits,” said Justin Vickers, East Coast News retail coordinator. “Our customers will find tremendous success with the Coconut Fusion Silicone Free Hybrid Lubricant’s natural sensibility and Triple Play versatility."

The Triple Play feature means that this product can be used with toy play, solo play, and foreplay. Many consumers who are looking for a quality product to enhance foreplay will be thrilled at the light taste and fragrance found in System JO’s Silicone Free Hybrid.  The beautiful infusion of water and all-natural coconut oil means that retailers no longer need to worry about coconut products melting on shelf or making a mess. This option is perfect to introduce any retail or web-store to a brand new type of customer and will create strong category growth that will invite customers to try other System JO products.

East Coast News is currently shipping System JO’s Coconut Fusion Hybrid Lubricant from its three nationwide warehouses. Interested retailers are encouraged to contact ECN’s sales staff by emailing [email protected], or by visiting www.ecn.com.

Don’t have a login? Email [email protected] or call (800) 999-2483.