Dreamgirl Unveils 2008/2009 Costume Collection

LAS VEGAS - ChristopherScharff, CEO, of Dreamgirl International unveiled Dreamgirl's 2008/2009 CostumeCollection at a Fashion Show which spanned 2 days in Las Vegas.


"The line opened to overwhelming buyer response among ourcustomers" cited Scharff. "We have more than doubled the size of the line inone year because of the enthusiastic reception which we have received frombuyers across the USwho are looking for the latest and most innovative Contemporary Costumesdeveloped by Dreamgirl's team of designers. Our new 2008/2009 Costume Cataloguefeatures a wide array of exciting new Costumes and an expanded Accessoryproduct offering including:


Innovative New Reversible Costumes which enable a woman tocome to the party as an Angel and leave as a Devil.


Costumes organized in themes such as Ghouls Gone Wild, DeadSexy, Worldly Wenches, Playing the Field, Glitz and Glamour, Strictly Business,Extra Credit Cuties, Into the Wild, Medical Malpractice, Babes with Badges,Weapons of Mass Seduction, Fractured Fairytales, Hometown Honeys, Calendar Galsand Santa's Girls.


More Costumes in XS Sizes for Teens and Tweens.


More Value Priced Costumes at $29 Retail.


An expanded Accessory collection including petticoats, hosiery,feather shrugs, gloves, panties all in exciting new packaging.


Sexy Costumes which feature jackets or  corsets to provide more body coverage for awoman at the beginning of the evening and which can be taken off later to bemore revealing as well.


Expanded Point of Sales Systems including a Dreamgirl InStore Costume Shop Kit featuring Header signs and blades to create a shop inshop atmosphere and a strong collection of full sized display posters for storewindows to draw customers into retail stores."