Dreamgirl Debuts Reversible, Two-in-One Costume Collection

LAS VEGAS - Christopher Scharff, CEO, of Dreamgirl International today unveiled Dreamgirl's Exciting new collection of REVERSIBLE Costumes. "Reversible Costumes are like 2 Costumes for the price of 1. A girl can go to a party as an angel and leave as a devil," explained Scharff. "The costumes and their accessories can be used to create 2 completely different looks thereby enhancing the fun of any Dreamgirl customer.  These Reversible costumes include:


Miss Hellen Back which has two of the most popular costume styles in one, an angel, and a devil. Perfect for the girl who's naughty and nice! This popular style is featured on the cover of the Dreamgirl 2008/2009 Costume Catalogue.


"Which Witch?" which enables a woman to do a mid party costume switch from a "good witch" to a "bad which" and is sure to be the most talked about costume of the evening. "Buggin' Out" which is an Exterminator's Dream because it is a fully reversible costume which can either feature a Bumble Bee or a Lady Bug look.


"Twice As Fun" which features the classic holiday colors of red and green enabling a woman to attend a holiday party in either hue or both.


In addition, many of the Costumes in Dreamgirl's line can be made more revealing as the evening unfolds. Most costumes feature jackets, sweaters or corsets which provide excellent coverage but which can also be taken off later in the evening for a sexier and more revealing look.


Costumes like "World's Greatest" feature a jacket which can be taken off to reveal a sexier top. "5 Star Service" is a French Maid costume with a satin top and a removable corset mid section  which essentially gives this costume two styles in one. "High School Sweetheart" features a blue argyle pleated skirt and matching top with a matching varsity sweater which is a great feature for those who want more coverage or live in colder climates. Costumes with Similar types of convertible tops include "Rock Schoolgirl" and "Etiquette Schoolgirl". "Kitty Galore" is offered with a boned waist corset which can put on or taken off for more or less coverage. "Officer Pat U. Down" also features a stretch knit zipper front top with vinyl accents, a matching skirt and vinyl boned corset which can be removed to make a more revealing costume," outlined Scharff at a recent sales meeting.