Cosmopolitan Highlights pjur med After Shave

WASSERBILLIG, Luxembourg—The German edition of Cosmopolitan magazine is currently featuring the best products to start the week, and suggests grooming the most sensitive parts of the body with pjur med After Shave.

“When everything is nicely trimmed between the legs every day, we always feel perfectly styled for sex,“ the magazine reads. “We just love it!”

“We are very pleased that our product has been received so enthusiastically in the mainstream as well. Cosmopolitan always recommends quality products that the editorial board is really convinced about and encourages many readers to buy them. We are therefore proud that pjur med After Shave has been showcased so prominently,” said Alexander Giebel, founder and CEO of the pjur group.

Debuting last year, the new after shave has a soothing and nourishing effect for men and women alike. It was developed to counter inflammation and irritating spots after daily (intimate) shaving – and is convincing far more people than specialised dealers and customers of long standing.

Cosmopolitan had picked out pjur espresso and pjur Cool as the best sex products in an edition last year.

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