Corsets By Baci Collection Now Shipping

LOS ANGELES—Baci Lingerie’s international partners are now shipping two collections from the new Corsets by Baci collection.

Transporting erotic fashion “From the Bedroom to the Boardroom,” the first two collections from Corsets by Baci include 14 SKUs in an array of luxurious materials and styles.

“Since word got out last fall about our upcoming corset line, our partners around the world have been fielding a ton of interest and requests from retailers,” Baci Lingerie Director of Global Sales & Operations Christian Savoie said. “I’m proud to say the first two collections from Corsets by Baci are finally here and shipping from our partners. The line includes ready-to-wear, fashion runway inspired styles and classic bedroom styles to meet a wide array of tastes.”

Corsets by Baci’s first collection features nine trendy SKUs inspired by classic suit styles. It utilizes heavier, richer materials, such as leather and suede, and incorporates dark and metallic colors to showcase wearers in an empowering, strong, and sexy look. The second collection embraces themes of romance and lust to create five SKUs perfect for a night of seduction. The gorgeous corsets are composed of lace and satin fabric in reds and pinks.

 Each corset is designed with steel boning, which is stronger and more durable than traditional “lingerie corsets” and bustiers; steel boning won’t bend, snap, or break, and will always keep its shape. Baci’s corsets create a beautiful, hourglass silhouette, while keeping a woman’s assets where she wants them during any occasion.

To receive a copy of the Corsets by Baci catalog, email [email protected].